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Global leadership coaching and facilitation

Coaching, facilitation and leadership development services for individuals, leaders and organizations ready to take their results and levels of satisfaction to the next level.



Vanessa Defournier is a Global Leadership Coach and facilitator with a unique background. Born in Panama to a French father and an Ecuadorian mother, she has lived and worked in France, the UK, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Argentina and the United States. Currently based in Luxembourg, Vanessa works with clients across Europe, as well as in the Unites States and Latin America.

Her rich career has run a course parallel to the geographical and cultural changes she’s undergone throughout her life. She has served as an advisor to two French multinationals in Latin America, worked in the academic sphere building international strategic partnerships for a university; developed communications strategies for multilateral organizations, and designed and implemented robust employee engagement frameworks for hundreds of workers.

Her work with senior executives and emerging leaders revealed the great need that exists for the coaching of professionals and individuals to achieve better business results and increased well-being. While she is proud to be considered personable and accessible, she is also ruthless in her belief that results are the ultimate driver for developing innovative solutions, building strategic bridges and designing clear plans for long-lasting success.

Vanessa has an MSc in Development Management from the London School of Economics and an MS in International Affairs from Sciences Po in Paris, where she also received her BA in Political Science.  She is certified in Leadership Coaching by Georgetown University, PCC accredited by the International Coaching Federation and works in French, Spanish, Portuguese and English. Vanessa is also certified in a number of assessment tools, such as the MBIT personality assessment, the DISC and DISC 363, the Leadership Circle Profile 360 assessment, and the Life GPS tool.

Clients and partners

In addition to the work she provides via her company, Inner Latitude, Vanessa partners with two leadership development companies as a Senior Consultant (Proteus International and KRW). Vanessa’s clients include individuals and teams in diverse types of organizations (full for profit companies, International Financial Institutions, NGOs, Universities). Some of her clients include the Inter-American Development Bank, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund Association for Families, McKinsey, etc.

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A belief that… Expansion begins with questioning. External growth originates inside.
Success is a result of reconnecting with oneself.

Vanessa’s clients have one thing in common: a readiness to question themselves profoundly and to challenge their beliefs and assumptions in an authentic manner. They also have a deep commitment to doing things well, to giving the best of themselves, and to accepting the call to adapt to new ways of responding to situations.


executive coaching, leadership development, career coaching


Through her coaching services, Vanessa helps her clients accomplish their goals by increasing their ability to become more self-aware and better connect with their inner selves, while expanding their scope of thoughts.

With all clients, Vanessa’s coaching approach is “purist”, in that she pays tremendous attention to setting clear goals for every coaching engagement, clearly explaining what the coaching process entails and ensuring clients are well-equipped to best take advantage of the process. She also holds clients accountable for their progress, by tracking actions against defined goals.

For both individuals or organizations, Vanessa coaches clients to reach desired outcomes such as:

  • Generating increased self-confidence

  • Identifying new career opportunities

  • Managing change and transitions

  • Communicating more effectively

  • Sharpening leadership skills

  • Reducing stress levels and increasing productivity

  • Strengthening management skills

  • Improving decision-making abilities



Vanessa’s facilitation services aim at helping clients bring their goals to fruition, designing meetings, producing events to be facilitated and reporting out results and commitments of each event.

Vanessa believes that good facilitation is critical to creating the right space for collaborative and effective work. Facilitation can transform groups, enable elevated exchanges, create stronger personal bonds, and help leaders to become closer to their teams and/or obtain better results from a meeting.

Vanessa’s integral facilitation services can be delivered in any of her four languages (Spanish, French, English or Portuguese) and are tailored to the different needs of diverse types of events and audiences (retreats, team building workshops, management discussions and decision making processes, training events, high level discussions, round tables, etc.).



Vanessa offers consulting/career services in specific areas, where they contribute to client development goals, therefore enhancing the coaching and facilitation experience.

From communications strategies to the design of leadership and employee development programs, providing project management support for large-scale Human Resources endeavors, or giving hands-on career advice to individuals, her consulting and career services focus on enhancing the coaching and facilitation experience by giving organizations and individuals thorough strategic guidance on client-specific projects.

Some examples of the consulting and career services Vanessa offers are:

  • Supporting creative & productive stakeholder engagement plans.
  • Developing corporate communication strategies.
  • Honing presentation tactics.
  • Expanding opportunities from a local to a global stage.
  • Preparing for interviews.
  • Reviewing CVs.
  • Expanding networks.




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